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Since its establishment in 2000, our company has been providing cutting-edge solutions for the management of highly personalized customer communication which are  based on the OpenText Exstream platform. We help our clients build long-term customer relationships and we transform their customer communication into an efficient and reliable process. With global operations, we cooperate with multinational enterprises, specializing primarily on telecommunications,                                                            banking, insurance and utility suppliers

principles and values

We believe that through our specialization and a stable team of highly qualified consultants we can offer to our clients excellent service and a unique added value proposition. Reliable in what we do.


Quality lies at the core of our corporate philosophy and is embedded in our DNA. This shows in particular through the expertise of our consultants, efficiency of internal processes and quality of the designed and supplied solutions.


We realize that the data we work with is sensitive and that we often access clients’ personal data. To keep them safe, our solutions meet the strictest security criteria.


We know what we do and we proudly stand behind our decisions. For our clients we design solutions that perfectly meet their requirements. We perceive all agreements as a binding promise, and if we agree on something, we keep it. We maintain a fair and sincere approach throughout the entire business relationship.


We believe that when it comes to customer communication, stability and reliability are more important than speed. Yet we have managed to combine all these qualities and create a stable team of consultants using reliable hardware and software solutions and a robust architecture of our solution.

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