We specialize in customer communication and our solutions are used by business across different industries. Discover the benefits offered by Contally and join the ranks of our satisfied clients.

insurance companies

By using a single software solution for payments, accounting and quotations we will help you reduce costs and improve the customer experience. This will allow you to process even large volumes of correspondence on-demand.

key features

integrated communication

Your new solution can be linked to the contents of any application, including your enterprise ERP or CRM system.

document depository

The integrated document search dunctionality serves as the central depository for all customer communication documents.

customer engagement analysis

We monitor whether electronic communication reaches the recipient and send you an automatic reply in case of errors or non-delivery.

key benefits

simple content access

We integrate our solutions with your existing environment and software using our connectors and open architecture.

design once, deliver anywhere

Your communication will match your branding across all communication channels.

scalability and flexibility

The CCM system serves as a one stop solution for price quotations, contract renewal, letters, account statements and other administrative documents

case studies

Obtain information about the possibilities and results of using our CCM solutions across different industries. 

join the best

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