Same professionalism as with our high-quality communication template design and creation, you can expect from our outsourcing, maintenance and technical support services. We have a long track record in these areas with scores of satisfied clients across Europe and Asia.

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As a highly specialized customer communication management experts we understand the added value provided by clear, targeted and personalized communication. Our consultants have over 15 years of experience with Customer Communications Management (CCM) projects for major European and Asian banking, insurance, telecommunication and industrial corporations.

We are a certified partner of OpenText – the global CCM leader. Taking advantage of our perfect knowledge of this solution we are capable of designing and implementing the most efficient solution with every project.

where others see problems, we see an opportunity


A dissatisfied customer is calling the customer hotline because they don’t understand the data on their bill.


We build a relationship of trust between the customer and the company by creating a modern, simple and intelligible electricity bill.


A bank is worried about the high cost of bank statement distribution.


We create a targeted presentation of a new product or service matching the client’s preferences and needs. Besides the information value for the client the bank statement can also be used for your marketing messages.


The high cost of operating a customer centre and long waiting times for customers.


Make the customer centre operation more efficient through automation and reduce the time it takes to process individual administrative tasks for both the customer and the operator.


Information did not reach the customer.


We improve customer engagement by sending information through their preferred channel.

we will help you build the customer communication system

creating and defining a CCM strategy

Using workshops and inspirational meetings we raise awareness of the importance of CCM and help you understand the limits and settings of the CCM system.

audit and diagnostics

We examine your internal processes, analyse the current situation, define your weaknesses and improvement opportunities. All of this will lead to the creation of a functional plan which will align the needs of the organization.

creation and implementation

We modify your existing processes, create new solutions in collaboration with you and implement them in your organization. Along with that we will train your staff and provide technical support during the period of adaptation.

rationalisation and optimisation

We help you define and implement steps improving the efficiency of your current CCM solution.

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