The cost of document delivery by post was reduced by more than 50%.

about the customer

Sorting & Bundling allows companies to bundle multiple documents for the same customer into a single envelope or e-mail. For example, it is possible to mix bills with marketing materials and other documents which can be delivered within several days.

The objective is to reduce the cost of document delivery (in particular postage) and simplify customer interaction.

use case

A newly established bank in Slovakia asked Contally to implement a solution reducing the number of e-mail messages or letters sent to customers. The bank has an obligation to notify its customers of the details of each product owned by the customer. That means, customers owning multiple products were receiving multiple messages per month.

Type of communication

Number of products

Number of pages

Client ID

Delivery by post



Client A

Delivery by post



Client B

Delivery by post



Client C

Delivery by post



Client D

Example of customer communication before introducing Sorting & Bundling.  Each customer received one envelope for each product they used.


Number of documents

Number of envelopes sent



48 411

20 95

57 %


47 065

20 644

57 %


47 020

20 679

56 %


47 189

20 782

56 %

Following the implementation of Sorting & Bundling the bank was able to bundle information about different products into a single envelope. The number of envelopes delivered annually thus decreased from 620 thousand to less than 250 thousand.

The bank was able to save 148 thousand Euros a year (0.4 Euros for postage, paper and printing). Its customers are now receiving significantly fewer consignments, yet the bank still delivers all the required information.

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